Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Pepper’s Christmas Party

Each of these cards measure 5ins x 5 ins and is made using white linen effect card.
Picture 022
I got this box of Pepper’s Christmas Party (Trimcraft) chipboard shapes and a pack of matching 8ins x 8ins papers (also reduced) to go with them in a sale at the Range.
Pepper's Christmas Party Chipboard Shapes
I am hoping to get about 6 plus cards from the box, 36 shapes sounds a lot, but some of the shapes are quite small and not so easy to use and some of the larger ones just didn’t appeal, like festive carol singing frogs …. which I just don’t get, but perhaps frog  lovers might???
Picture 024
Anyway, these are the first three cards I’ve made from the pack.
Picture 025
Perhaps not my taste but I have learnt that the cards that I I really like don’t necessarily disappear from my box in the staffroom first!


marc said...

your right its good to make things you dont like as much other peps will go a head use the frogs i bet some one will love it and if not you have only used a bit of glue and paper and you were not going to use the frogs so they would have only been sitting some were go on pal use every thing might as well big love marc

tilly said...

looks like a bargin buy, I can't do/not keen on my CAS but they do sell well

Laura said...

These are really cute Helen, was it in the range sale recently? It's a good bargain! X