Monday, 14 November 2011

A Weekend Away From It All

I’ve just got back from a weekend near Christchurch in Dorset …. and my current object of desire is …..
Bournmoeth 057
…… a beach hut at Hengistbury Head ….. soooooo beautiful and peaceful …… making work and real life just melt away and seem a million miles away.
Bournmoeth 051
…… Later on in the day, fancying a coffee, we popped into a lovely Coffeehouse and Smoothie Bar called Blend, (74 High St, Christchurch, BH23 1BN) …….
Bournmoeth 063
…… where on a table, I found a ball of wool attached to a huge length of knitting and the invitation to knit a few rows ……
Bournmoeth 064
……. how could I resist? And so, between sips of my posh coffee, I added about another three inches. The scarf is being knitted to raise funds for a local hospice, so if you are passing by why not add a few more rows!
Bournmoeth 116
While in the New Forest I spotted this beautiful mushroom, …. mushrooms always make me feel all magical and mystical, goodness knows why….
……. and I got a picture of the Duke amongst the ponies.  The weather was glorious…. the weekend was perfect ….. bliss!


marc said...

i love a beach hut and the new forest is fab looks like you had a great time big love marc

Suze Bain said...

Never been down to Dorset but it looks gorgeous & what a fab idea with the scarf. xx

tilly said...

never been to that part of England but it sounds like a wonderful week-end. a great fund-raising idea for the longest scarf!

Cheap2Chic said...

As I live in Dorset, Hengisbury Head is one of my favourite places for a walk. Have you done a google to see how much the beach huts sell for? Make sure you are sitting down!!!

Paula said...

Aww, looks like you bhad a lovely time. What a lovely idea to have a scarf that people add to. How lovely and wonderful that is x

Anj said...

gorgeous pics - weekend sounds fabulous!! We can all have dreams.... **sigh**....! x