Monday, 12 December 2011

A Christmas Keyring Experiment, Plus Another for Luck!

……This keyring drove me mad, I should have binned it, but instead it niggled at me and I niggled back!
Christmas Tree Keyring 
It’s the same on both sides, and is made using scraps of paper, two Christmas tree stickers and a sprinkling of glitter,  all covered in a thick layer of Ranger Glossy Accents. To be honest it does look a lot better in the flesh, and I shall be using it all through the festive season. for my work keys.
Picture 344
I got the keyrings for 5p each with the intention of removing the middle, however the cover was rammed in and immoveable, but me being me, I thought I could salvage something from them….
Picture 346Picture 347
The keyring above was another experiment using scraps and illustrations from a very old illustrated dictionary and a layer of varnish! Hmmm, perhaps they need a bit of colour……. 
Altered Keyring 2Altered Keyring 
A bit better but as my old teacher would have said … “Could do better!”


Mrs A. said...

If you hit (the side with the insert) sharply against the edge of a table at an angle the insert will pop out. Honest!!! I've done it many times. Hugs Mrs A.

Sandy said...

I think they look good, I quite liked them black and white but the coloured version is lovely too. The top one looks very christmassy - love the little tree.

marc said...

I go with you Mrs A that does work i to have done that loads of time i like both keyrings the colour one has a old comic fill about it Helen has a link on her for keyrings at a good price big love marc