Thursday, 22 December 2011

It’s Christmas ….. And I’m In A Frivolous Frame Of Mind …..

……at Chateau Fiddle Fart it’s a family tradition that we have new pyjamas to wear on Christmas Eve ….
Primark reindeer pyjamas
…. well yesterday I popped into town to get mine …. (Primark £7)

I’m a bit gutted that me and my sister missed out on the reindeer jumper (also from Primark) …. however I think I have located a very similar pattern …. so guess what I’m planning on knitting sometime next year!!!


Lynda said...

Happy Christmas Helen, I love the blog and visit most days for inspiration thanks for all your hard work.
Please could you send me a link to the Reindeer pattern - my DH loves Christmas jumpers and I've not found a pattern to make one from.
Love Lynda

marc said...

i love PJ and those look soft and warm i to get new pj for christmas big love marc

Twiggy said...

Brilliant, I bought a cheapo t.shirt from Asda one year and made an applique felt reindeer head and stuck it on, Twiglet loved it and it only cost a couple of quid !!
twiggy x