Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Santa Door Hangers/Signs

Christmas Santa Door Sign
This year I am having a crafty Christmas where I am really trying to use up all the Christmas bits I’ve had for a couple of years, money is tight and it seems daft to buy new stuff,  no matter how tempting, when I have a couple of boxes crammed with embellishments I haven’t used yet.
Darice Door hanger 1 andys nokia 546
So these festive door hangers are made using Darice wooden blanks squirreled away for ages …….
Christmasd Door hangers Santa Door hanger
……. plus some large printed, self adhesive fabric type stickers from Poundworld. I’ve used a denim effect paper for the sky on which I have added faux stitching and snowflakes using a white gel pen.
Santa Door hanger 2
I don’t think either of them took me more than 20 minutes to make … they are destined to grace my festive bedroom door knobs on Christmas Eve, so Santa knows where to leave our presents!!!!


marc said...

and with those fab makes he will just know were to look i am loving the way you are useing and reuseing things you have it takes crafting back to its roots to make do and mend with what you have but to add just that extra bit to change it big love marc ps you know we love it dont stop keep them coming your a breath of fresh air in a all look at me world big love marc

tilly said...

hope Santa leaves loads of presents with these cute little hangers lol

rosie said...

absolutely fantastic ideas. love the door hanger one especially. just wished I had made some myself. they look not only beautiful but professionally made. (no offence intended at all) but they are AMAZING!!!!
love all your gallery x