Tuesday, 11 October 2011

What’s In The Shops For The Festive Season.

Not really a crafty day today … it’s just that the shops are beginning to get their Christmas sweeties in and if you haven’t seen them yet I thought I would  give you a heads up ….
andys nokia 290
Now ….. who could resist these tiny Lindt chocolate teddies?  I found them in my local SPAR priced at 50p each (they measure about 5cm) and before I knew it this lot decided to come home with me. 
andys nokia 288
…… Then I remembered this string of stockings I bought years ago and decided I didn’t really like ….
Lindt Chocolate Bear
Well,  I’ve now  shoved a bit of stuffing in the bottom and a teddy on top ….. sorted ….. a little fairing gift to give instead of a card!
Areo Christmas Tree
Also in the shops,  found by my lovely sister Jan ........ caramel filled Galaxy parcels and cuter than cute ….. Aero Christmas trees ……festivechoctastical!! 


marc said...

thats fab what you done with the socks,great to see whats out there i would have to lock them away other wise it would be Christmas every day in a nom nom sort of way
big loe Marc

Anj said...

That is just the cutest choccy teddy I've seen - If you see anymore of these socks please let us crafty buddies know, Helen I can't say how much I enjoy my daily visit to your lovely blog! x x

Sheila said...

It's just SO nice to find a British site showing things you can buy over here to make really cute goodies. So often the sites are American & you can't get hold of the makings. Thanks for the inspiration - keep up the good work ;0)