Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Chalkboard Advent Calendar

Gisella Graham Mini Chalkboard
Another idea today using up bits and pieces  I’ve had for a while.  The chalkboard is from Gisela Graham, I bought a job lot of them from e-bay a couple of years ago and have just a couple left, I love them but doubt if I will ever find them again once the last one is used up. It measures 15cm x 9 cm.
Advent Chalkboard
I’ve married the board up with an old wooden Santa that I found at the bottom of a box, some resin snowflakes plus a couple of lengths of East of India ribbon.  The writing is done with a white Posca pen  which is brilliant on chalkboards etc. and the small stars and dots were done with a white gel pen.
Done and dusted!


Sue said...

What a fab idea.

Suze Bain said...

Another great idea. Could also do for kids - "sleeps till my birthday" xx

marc said...

love the look and great fun you could always make your own chalk boards with some picture frames they use to sale them in 3 from that famous swiss flat pack furniture store and chalkboard paint

nellie dean said...

Posca pens are brilliant, I've discovered them recently and think they are fab!