Sunday, 6 November 2011

Remembrance Poppies

There are so many beautiful poppies this year
The Buckley Poppy has really taken off this year and is stunning with funds going to the British Legion - but I think they are awaiting new stock at the moment and I am not sure how much they cost.
Glittered Poppies
But look what came in the post for me yesterday from Marc.  They are equally as stunning …. he has taken  ordinary Remberance poppies and then sprinkled them with ultra fine glitter using PVA glue. They really are beautiful and what a brilliant idea! Very showbiz! He also gave me another idea for using embossing powders to give a poppy a sort of porcelain look which I was desperate to try. 
 Embossed and glittered rememberance Poppy
On the first one I just used an iridescent powder with several layers of clear powder on top.
Embossed Rememberance Poppy
And on the second I used several layers of red and green powders and just love the effect.
 The life in my men
Also in my envelope from Marc was  a note with this stamp on the back …. knowing Marc it made me howl!!!!  I really think I need to persuade him to do a "celebrity" guest spot for us once a month ..... we should start a petition!!!


marc said...

so pleased you like them and every penny from these ones goes to the British legion like the red and green embossed ones you have done big big love marc

sue said...

I would love to see a 'guest' spot from the lovely Marc, please, pretty please!!!! Just love the poppies. Going to have a go with the glitter etc myself x

Anj said...

Chanting 'we want Marc, we want Marc'.
Have a fab day everyone - love Anj

tilly said...

the poppies look so pretty all glittered, may have to have a go

Jem said...

Yep - I'm all for a celeb Marc spot!! Janex

SueF said...

Love them!

We glittered one for Charlotte last year - covered the poppy in pva & sprinkled over with red & green glitter. It's lasted for this year too (have still donated though)!!

Another vote for guest blogging by Marc please!


Bumblebee said...

Love those poppies, will definitely be giving this a try with some embossing powder!

Barb Cady said...

Put my name to the Marc petition, what a great friend he sounds! The poppy's are brilliant - great idea! xx

lonidan said...

Love these. I did one this morning before going to the NEC. Worth getting up a bit earlier. Good chap is Marc. Louise x

lonidan said...

Forgot to say I have put my name to the petition for guest spot for Marc. Louise x

Kirsty said...

Love those, and what a simple idea. Deffinately going to glitz mine up. And no middle man jewellery company will be getting any of the money, this way it will all go directly to the charity.

lynda said...

Love the Poppies! That's the next thing on my'To Do' List!
NANOO - NANOO - Lynda calling Marc for Guest Celebrity Spot!! & we need a pic of the mystery man - please!! :)

furrypig said...

love what you have done with the poppies and Marc and I will sign the petition for his guest spot... well virtually anyway!

Paula said...

I feel a 'poppy off' coming on. Do you think they will look at me strange if I ask for a couple of poppies??? Funny enough, I saw a lady in our local shops last week with a glitter poppy on; I would have stopped and asked her if she did it herself, yet I was in a rush, - looked like she had just glitzed it up. How fab!