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Friday, 27 January 2012

Decopatch Heart Keyrings

Aghhhh, covering the hearts on these keyrings was such a fiddle fart!
Decopatch heart Keyring

I’ve had these large wooden heart beads for a couple of years and decided that with Valentines Day approaching a few of them must be used up and so I decided (fool hardily) to try covering them with tiny pieces of Decopatch paper, talk about fiddly!
Decopatch Hearts 
But, I wouldn’t be beaten and after several coats of Ronseal quick drying glossy varnish and adding keyring attachments from Hobbycraft they were soon done.
Decopatch heart Keyrings 1


tilly said...

they certainly make a lovely present

Suze Bain said...

They look fab. x

susie said...

they are gorgeous. love them!

Mama J said...

They're gorgeous, well worth all the fiddle fart!!!

Mama J said...

They're gorgeous we'll worth all the fiddle fart!!!