Friday, 13 January 2012

Plain and Simple Kraft Tags

Kraft stamped tags
Nothing fancy today, just some quick parcel tags.Bird and nest Rubber stamps
My sister lent me this beautiful box of stamps. As they were so plain and simple I decided to make a huge pile of tags using Kraft card (as I never seem to have any ready made) and not fiddle fart too much with them.  The only thing I added was to rub them over with brown and orange coloured craft chalk to give them an old worn look.
Kraft Paper and Tag gift wrap
Gift wrapping is not my forte but I just love the effect of parcels wrapped in plain brown paper.


Suze Bain said...

Those are gorgeous stamps - but have you changed your name to Julie Andrews - brown paper packages tied up with string! - sorry, I'm in a funny mood! xx

marc said...

fab stamps and you have done the right thing stamping up lots they would also look good with just a bit of colour which you can always add later and who says you cant wrap thats fab would cost a fortune in Nottinghilllove them big love Marc

Jem said...

They look very antique! I love brown paper parcels and it's very effective with just a ribbon and the tag. Janex

Cheryl Winget said...

These tags are terrific! I can imagine some kraft paper stamped all over with these stamps as wrapping paper, too. What a wonderful set of stamps and a wonderful sister! I did get a spam message from your address but no harm done. Have a great weekend!