Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Using My Brad Maker Set At LONG Last

I don’t use brads a lot …. if ever,  so whatever possessed me to want a brad maker set goodness only knows! When I first saw one it was far to expensive for what it was ….. so I waited and waited until I saw one marked at half price, bought it  …… and have never used it, until now …. about three years later!!  What am I like?!!
However, my friend asked me at Christmas if I could “tart” up some small organza bags for her festive table, she wanted some way of putting names on them …. at first I was stumped …. then I “wondered” about making some brads …..
Brad Maker
I chose the biggest brads for the bags, punched out the circles and hand wrote the names, then very carefully put the plastic domed sticker over it, a dab of glue stuck them all together. However they looked a bit dull.
Brad Maker 7
So I got out the Ranger Glossy Accents and stuck tiny pearls and black domed stickers round the edges of the brad and a tiny weeny clear flat backed gem just by the name. 
But now the confession ….. I cut the brad fittings off as they didn’t hang right …. and stuck the “brad” on using my glue gun.
Easy Brad Maker 2
I know that I am a little behind at the moment with what’s new in the crafting world (since I gave up buying craft magazines and thus temptation) ….  but I understand that there is a new all singing, all dancing brad maker on the block called the I-Top from Imaginisce, which makes my set look positively prehistoric!


Sandy said...

They look fabulous, good idea to cut the backs off as they would have been to heavy to sit properly, I bet your friend was pleased with these lovelies,

tilly said...

bet these looked great sitting on the table

Tip Top said...

I aint got anything that is fashionable!

Great set of brads too!

Amy said...

I too avoid the craft magazines of temptation so I had no idea brad makers existed! Great results though.

Bee and Dee said...

Really love the brads very posh. I have a brad marker kit like the one you have, getting the domed sticker for it is the most difficult bit. Hugs Bee