Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Valentine Chocolate Bars

Valentine Chocolate Bars
Valentines sweets are often over priced for what they are, and this year, as I said yesterday, good quality chocolate items such as chocolate hearts  to put into sweetie bags etc. are few and far between.  Last week I saw packs of mini chocolate bars with Valentine wrappings and thought I would "Pinch" the idea.Valentine Chocolate bar
…. by just wrapping Cadbury bars (pack of 6 from Home Bargains for £1.69) in scraps of heart patterned paper, which match the end of the chocolate bar perfectly.
Valentine chocolate favors
Just right for popping into someone's pocket or lunchbox for a Valentines Day surprise without costing the earth!


Sue said...

Fab idea. Mind you anything involving chocolate is a fab idea:)

Suze Bain said...

Yum. Was in Asda yesterday they have various choc bar multipacks on offer for £1. x

Jem said...

"Loving" these Helen! Janex

marc said...

right up my street and yours are so much better as it says i took time to do them and if peps get a few good craft cds they can make their own for pennys you could go as mad as you want dreeesing these up but your wrappers say ilove you big love marc

Anonymous said...

Another fabulously thrifty valentines idea :) thank you ! Mind you, I'm always a sucker for dairy milk! Jen@madeinminch