Sunday, 19 February 2012

Chocolate Ladybird Boxes for Easter

Chocolate Ladybird Easter Box
This is what I have been stockpiling Tesco Valentine Love Bugs for, I knew I wouldn’t see them again till next year, or if I did, they would be double the price. But after checking carefully I saw that they have a "use by date" of December 2012 so I knew I could use them for Easter and a bit beyond if I had any other suitable ideas, plus I also checked that you get far more laybirds in a net for your money than you do Easter eggs!Easter Ladybird Box  chocolate ladybirds
I’ve cover two tiny domino boxes measuring 12cm x 4cm x 2.5cm deep with assorted pastel gingham paper strips from Handy Hippo.
Self Adhesive Borders
And then added some gorgeous flowery adhesive borders which were part of a present from a new found friend Dianne in Florida. They come from Michaels, a shop I have read so much about. especially their crafty stuff. and where I dream one day of going to partake in some retail therapy.
Easter Chocolate Ladybird Box
I am thrilled with the way the boxes have turned out, but now I am not so sure if I can let them go!


marc said...

a lovely fresh looking spring time box loveing those borders like that bloom were you are planted Michaels is fab as is wall mart craft things in the USA are so much cheaper than here give the box's to the Baron that way you get to give and keep at the same time lol big love Marc

Sue said...

That's lovely. Really like the spring flowers.

Kitty Kats Krafts said...

Hi Helen

These are lovley, my niece would love these and would love the boxes just as much as the chocies!


Sam xoxo