Saturday, 4 February 2012

Smartie Pants Sweet Jar

It’s always nice to give someone a surprise when they have done something special …… like passing an exam or their driving test etc..
Smartie Pants Sweet Jar
These jars can be found in Asda or Ikea for £1.99 a pack of four and have been filled with ‘real’ Smarties but other chocolate beans would do.
Smartie Pants Sweet Jar 1
I’ve put self adhesive ribbon round the jar lid and then added a “Smartie Pants” label to the front and back using punched shapes, stickers from Hobbycraft, a bit of handwriting and a few stars.  Done and dusted!


Lyn said...

Mmmmm, chocolate as a reward, love your thinking. Great idea, will definitely be making some of these. Take care, Lyn x

SueF said...

great idea for the kids when they've done well at school! Will have to make up a jar to get ready for when it's needed!

Thanks Helen


Rumtruffle said...

Love this idea, looks good too x

Lou said...

Oh what a brilliant idea, will be borrowing that one, Thank you, Have a great weekend Lou x

Paula said...

Once again Helen, you just pull agem of an idea out of the bag! So simple, yet packs a punch! Fab, love it!

marc said...

will bring a smile when a jobs well done you should take a jar for yourself big love marc

Jem said...

Great idea, I've got so many teenagers doing GCSE's and A levels at the moment... you could always hide some money amongst the sweets as well... Janex