Sunday, 12 February 2012

Tim Holtz Inspired Brooch Pin

Tim Holtz inspired brooch
I was stroking the pages reading my copy of Tim Holtz’s “A Compendium of Curiosities” wishing I could make just one thing half as beautifully as he does. I love his style so much but whenever I try something it invariably turns out pants, then I leave it for ages until I find the courage va va vroom to try again! BUT I know I give up too easily and the only way to perfect my “art” is to persevere.
It was on Page 9 in a section about Ornate Plates that got me all inspired, I don’t have any as fancy as Tim’s but I remembered I do have some plain brass ones stashed away ….
Bookplate pin broach tim holtz inspired
My first slight error, was colouring the plate with a brown permanent pen (I think I should invest in some Alcohol Inks for another time), the finish could have been better, but I know I am super critical with myself whenever I try to “Do a Tim”.
Tim Holtz inspired pin brooch
Anyway, I stamped a tiny bird image onto a text paper and glued it onto the back of the bookplate with another stronger piece of black card over it. I then held my breath as I filled the centre with Ranger Glossy Accents!
While I waited for it to set I searched through a box of old jewellery bits my mum had given me …. and the black flower beads were perfect for what I had on mind. I stuck them on with E6000 glue (as recommended by Marc) and then I couldn’t help adding the two brass dragonflies and a few flat backed gems, for complete FiddleFart overkill!!
Inspired by Tim Holtz
I must be pleased because I know will wear the brooch sometime this week and it is very much “my style”. However, I am going to have another go, substituting the birds, which I am not really sure about, with an old fashioned style Dymo label maker word and see how that looks.


marc said...

Iam so pleased your using that book (as it what got us started on a wonderful friendship if it was not for that we might never have connected in the way we have ) i like what you have done with the pens but yep get a few inks/ink pads to play with but don't forget to look around the house and craft room to see what you can use tea coffee to age paper household paint mixed with sand and pva to add texture vinegar bleach salt lemon juice to add patina to metals (look on you tube lots of demos ) dont get me started i could go on for ever lol don't forget to use a cock tail stick with that glue as you don't need lots and it makes it go a long way
i love the birds and the flowers i can see you using those bird &birdcage charms you have also don't be afraid to mess things up you can always pull it apart again
its only paper and old bits you got to play to learn and fear will smother your talent it never awaste it just a learning tool i cant wait to see more of your art work once you start you wont want to stop your start looking at every thing in a new and exciting light your Lucky you do that any way know you got to really let go and do it see you have inspired me again and got me all excited lol your a bad lady but so good for my craft mo jo big love Marc

The Krafty Cupcake said...

I think you have done a fine job! Tim would be proud. Sue x

Angie said...

Gorgeous ...look forward to seeing the next ...thanks for taking us through the steps you took.

Bee and Dee said...

I think it's great Hugs Bee (And I enjoyed reading Marc's suggestions)
Hugs again

debje said...

oooohhhh I like that book, it is a shame I can't buy it here in the netherlands, so if someone has an idea??????

Suze Bain said...

It's really lovely Helen. Maybe the finish isn't what you were after but TH is all about 'the distressed look'. I remember when I first started using distress inks the results just looked mucky and messy, so you definitely have to play about and yes, watch lots of Youtube videos. I think this would look lovely, portrait style with an old photo in it. You've inspired me - I bought some of these book plates but never used them! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. xx

tilly said...

I would be very proud to wear this's fab..... look forward to seeing more

Jem said...

Lovely brooch! I've also learnt something new - E6000 glue, I've never heard fo that! I shall be googling it as soon as I've finished typing this. Marc is a goldmine of info! TTFN Janex

Barb Cady said...

This is a lovely brooch and I am sure will be one of many! You are too critical of yourself, however I know that feeling! I love the Compendium too, vol. 2 due out soon! xx