Wednesday 21 March 2012

Days of the Week Peg Fridge Magnets

Days of the Week Peg Fridge Magnets
I saw a very similar idea to this when Googling and just had to have a go for myself, especially as its been ages since I have made any peg fridge magnets.
Dymo jet
Nothing fancy …. I just used my 100 year old Dymo label maker to print the days of the week because I love the retro effect of the lettering and that’s really it! I do have tapes in lots of other colours, but I was being lazy, and didn’t relish the thought of doing all the feeding through for a one off idea …. but the pegs would look good in green, yellow, red, blue etc. And to make things even simpler the tape is exactly the same width as the peg … so no fiddly trimming.
Peg fridge magnets
On the reverse of the peg I have stuck a strip on adhesive magnet tape. Done and dusted!


Bubbles said...

You know, I never thought of making fridge magnets out of pegs before - thank you! :)

marc said...

great make i love peg magnets these ones are super cool , they make great little gifts great use of the dymo tape i have a new up to date dymo machine easy to use you type in the words and it prints it it also has all sorts of tape that goes in it and i see on C&C TV they have it at a bargain price worth a look big love Marc

Unknown said...

Just pinterested this x