Friday, 2 March 2012

Tiny Weenie Shelves of Curiosity

I’ve made another little set of shelves full of tiny bits and pieces.
compendium of curiosities
It’s a packing box for some crafty embellishments long since used up and  measures 7ins x 3ins, with each compartment measuring 1.5ins x 1in which I have lined with assorted scraps from my Papermania Portobello Road paper pad.
Little knick nak shelves
Filling each section was just heaven to do, going through all my boxes looking for lost treasures, to finally bring them to life.
Little shelves of curiosities
I can remember where each tiny piece came from and/or who gave me them, so everything is special.
Tiny weenie shelves of things
I think my favourite section is the one with the baking tray.
Tiny shelves of curiousity
Closely followed by the fish bowl and tiny spider.
Tiny weeny things
I found the more I got absorbed in the project, the more detail I wanted to put in, but too much and the whole effect would be spoiled. I now feel like the Duchess of Tiny Weenie Things!


lonidan said...

Absolutely adore this one Helen. I have several of these little boxes but now have to start searching for teeny weenie things to go in them. Summer 2012 mission!! Louise xx

laura said...

Its lovely Helen - you are so clever -you deserve your new duchess title!!

Unknown said...

These are awesome! Very very cute - such a talent. Sue x

Junie said...

Hi Helen

I just love your treasure boxes they are just adorable and you have put so much love and effort into them !!!! I am sure I have one of those from packaging just sitting doing nothing, do I remember a little while ago you looking for more ... you are more than welcome to mine. Please let me know !!! hugs

Suze Bain said...

This is just fab - are you sure you're not a Borrower! xx

marc said...

fab this really is a tiny work of art the more you look the more you see this is one to keep you now need to get some first class acetate and make a wonderful fake front for it you could use salt dough to make the a frame that would fit perfect or do the toilet paper moulding for it just think what you could come up with make it light weight draw it out on cardboard and build up from that attaching it with micro Velcro so you can take it off easy and even change it big love Marc

Carolyn said...

these are lovely, I love all things tiny like this