Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Diamond Jubilee Crafts - Union Jack Cup Cake Flags/Picks

Union jack cupcake flag picks
I have been pricing up Union Jack flag picks for the Diamond Jubilee, either to use at a tea party or as small decorations or embellishments, but it  turned me into a bit of a Scrooge! Then, I remembered the paper chains I bought last year for the Royal Wedding, and wondered if I could I do something with them?
Union Jack cake pick
I cut the chains down to just two flags, using a toning Promarker pen to colour the white part of them down the middle.
Mini Union Jack Flags
I then gave the flags a quick flick of double sided tape across them with my tape gun  and placed a cocktail stick in the middle. All that was left to do then was to fold the flag over and trim the end with a pair of wavy line scissors. Done and dusted!!
Union Flag Cake Pick Flag.
Food Police - Naturally, if I were making these for a real tea party I would make them in much more suitable and hygienic surroundings than my craft room and would wear latex gloves while handling the cocktail stick during the making and when putting into a cupcake or sandwich etc.


Suze Bain said...

These are fab. xx

marc said...

great make dont forget to scan some of those paper chaines or take a good photo so you can use them in your serif programe big love marc

Anonymous said...

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alljoinin said...

i got some of those and when i saw your flags i thought ah ha i know what she used there good plan