Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Xx How Kind xX

People are sooooooo kind, sometimes I come home and there is an parcel waiting for me …completely out of the blue, from one of my followers …. I am always totally overwhelmed that I have spookily popped up in someone’s mind and they have taken the time to send me something VERY special and funny,  as has happened this week ……
Small printers trays
…… Like Sam who sent me this WONDERFUL pile of little trays, I am so thrilled …. and I know she really had to go ferreting to find them… I haven’t been able to part with the original shelves of curiosities I have  made, but now I can make a few more to give as presents …… and another one for myself to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Thank you Sam soooo much, they will all be treasured, I promise you.
Letter from Louise
…. And this letter and present made me howl …. it’s from Louise ….
MNaltesers Fun Size
….. it arrived yesterday ….. and made my heart sing …..
How special is this?  I wondered why Louise had asked about the font in the Chat Box!!! I love it.  Most of the Maltesers disappeared during two episodes of Coronation Street last night  (I think it was Michelle who did Frank in!!) A letter will be put in my Smashbook and the poster will be put next to my desk.  THANK YOU so much, I love them all dearly.


lonidan said...

Glad you enjoyed them Louise xx

marc said...

What a kind thing to do i think it such a wounderful thing when some one takes time out of their lives to send a RAK or just to think about you thats why i like cards you can just send one to say hi i thought of you to day ect and peps know you have made a effort so much more than a text or email thanks for sharing the love big love marc

Kitty Kats Krafts said...

So pleased they arrive safely, and I know that they will be lovingly tranformed into little works of art, so the ferreting in the garage will be paid off in pride!

Hugs Sam x