Thursday, 12 April 2012

Diamond Jubilee Crafts - Union Jack Sour Cream Boxes/Lucky Dip Favours

Diamond Jubilee party Favour.
Marc gave me this idea for either a kids Diamond Jubilee Lucky Dip or party favours. 
flag paper
I created my own A4 sheet in Publisher after  finding a shabby chic style Union Jack image, which I resized,  then copied and pasted to create a pattern in Publisher. Next I saved it as a jpeg (picture/image)  so that I could use it for other projects to keep the pattern in proportion. A little long winded and fiddle farty but it works for me.
To show you how to make the box I have copied the pictures and instructions I  put together for the humbug carton I made a couple of Christmas’s ago to save repeating myself.
Diamond Jubilee lucky Dip sour cream carton favour
First I cut a 8in x 5ins oblong from my patterned paper and applied double sided tap down as illustrated in the photo above.
With patterned side facing outwards I rolled the paper to form a cylinder.
And then flattened the bottom end, where the double sided tape had also been put -  (see below)
To complete the box I squeezed it together in the opposite direction to the bottom of the bag (I hope that makes sense) to form the boxes triangular shape.
With the box almost complete I put in a sealed bag of red, white and blue bonbons to go with the white and blue bon bonsThen I  sealed the end with glue, which I held in place with a couple of paperclips until the glue was dry.
Union jack Diamond Jubilee favour
The finishing touches were made by  trimming  the bottom and top edges with pinking shears.
I know my instructions are not perfect so have a look at youtube or : -


KraftyKaren said...

These are a fabulous idea and well done for creating your own paper - I wouldn't know where to start!!

Karen x

marc said...

great make these go down well at school fêtes as lucky dip bags for kids you just pop in a few sweets or stickers etc www.bakeross) do lots of things at a good price you can put if your doing a street party these would be fab on the table and you can use any old paper comics books you have for lucky dip if you want to keep cost down ,the paper Helen has done would make fab bunting , paper chains , kids hats etc i cant use publisher i use Serif or if you have My craft studio dont forget you can import any jpg image in to that and manipulate and both of them have a one click tile feature in it so no fddle fart big love Marc

Suze Bain said...

I've done these at a school fayre and the kids love them. Yum, bon bons, haven't had those for years! xx