Sunday, 22 April 2012

Does Anyone Have???

sizzix die
Does anyone have this die?  If so I wonder if they could cut me out some gingerbread men in felt ….. perhaps we could work out a swop???  I have missed out so many times on e-bay to get my own!! Agghhhh


marc said...

Helen i dont have that one but i do have one that came with my big shot the gingerbread man is 2 inches high and has 3 circular buttons iam never going to use him so i will put him in the post to you as i am sure if his not good for the project you want to do you can use him on some thing else big love marc

Sue said...

Helen, I have that die and can cut you some. I have emailed you.

Pamela said...

There's felt gingerbread men for sale on eBay. They're 'Buy It Now' so you wouldn't miss out on the auction.

Paula said...

I also have this die if you still need some cutting!

Paula. x