Friday, 18 May 2012

Angry Bird Birthday Card

This card measures 5ins x 5ins and is made using a hand cut blank using a white linen effect card.
Angry Bird Birthday card
My brother loves Angry Birds, but I don’t have a clue,  so I did some Googling, and all I can say there are some very, very clever people out there, because I found a blog written by Debbie Naylor  and I was blown away …. especially when I found her very simple instructions for making one of the Angry Birds
Have a look, Debbie has such lovely ideas, she’s really spurred me to look at more Punch Art ideas, that perhaps I can transfer to using with Elizabeth Shaw mints. 
Angry Bird Envelope
I also found another punched Angry Bird template on Michelle’s blog, which I just had to have a go at, very quickly, to put on the envelope for my brothers card.  - BRILLIANT!


Paula said...

Brilliant! I am definitely having a go at making something like this for my partner in July. He's obsessed with angry birds! Thanks Helen.

Lynn Holland said...

If you want to see some funny birds have a look at the ones on the bags in my shop Duchess. Mad hair is not in it for one of them.
One I Made Earlier Today

Or shop direct link is

marc said...

i love angry birds i think its something boys can buy in to with out feeling soft big love marc

marc said...
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marc said...
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tilly said...

certainly very angry looking lol.... off to have a gander at the site lol

marc said...

Lyn i am sure Helen would love one of your bags or a little something to say thankyou for letting you plug your shop on her blog its the least i would do and who knows mums monkey might even give you a shout out on their blog and face book page and that would be good for business as they have a few celebrities who follow them who just might pick up on your iteams just a thought a little sugar goes along way big love Marc

lonidan said...

Lovely card helen. I love doing punch art and wish that i was artistic enough to make up my own, however copying is all that i can manage so thanks to all you clever people out there. louise xx

Debbie Naylor said...

Love what you've done with your Angry Bird project! Thanks for the link and kind words about my blog :-)

Debbie Naylor