Friday 25 May 2012

Diamond Jubilee Crafts - Jubilee Pinwheels in Pots

Jubilee Crafts Jubilee Pinwheels
Nothing fancy here today, just a bit of cheap and cheerful Jubilee frippery as we have decided to decorate our office at work to celebrate the Jubilee but on a tight budget ……
Jubilee Crafts Jubilee Pinwheel Pot
…. So one of my colleagues has been consuming vast quantities of Batchelors Pasta Pot Shots in order that I can fill them with union jack pinwheels ……
Jubilee Crafts Jubilee pinwheel.
…. the download of which I found on the website below
I know I could have cut my pinwheels a little better, but it’s only a bit of fun!
Jubilee Crafts Jubilee Pinwheel
Plus this useful Diamond Jubilee pack:-
Batchelors Pasta Pot Shots


misteejay said...

They look fab Helen - thanks for the links.

We have been raiding the local £ stores where I work in an effort to keep costs down but I think these could be added to our displays.

Toni xx

marc said...

i love them i have made a few of these for my friends kids table they shout nostalgia to me like bunting i had to laugh on her invite it said dont bring cup cakes but fairy cakes and butterfly cakes in any style or flavour are more than welcome lol big fun make Marc

Lynne said...

Thanks for that link, I'm just making all sorts for my daughter (whose a primary school teacher) for their jubilee party. Brilliant timing...many thanks Lynne x

lonidan said...

love these helen, simple but extremely effective. I love that you have recycled the pasta pots as well. louise xx

Cheryl W. said...

How fun. You should be on the Queen's payroll!

artydoll said...

fabulous pinwheels ,had to print a few out for my grand daughters to make,thanks for the link.