Sunday, 20 May 2012

Oh Dear!

Please bear with me .... our computer has gone down again and fingers crossed that our man can fix it or at least salvage a few of the more important files on it..... 
Fortunately I have a good few FiddleFart posts scheduled and I have the use of a laptop ..... but I have lost Livewriter which I have always relied on heavily as I have never got on well with working directly in Blogger. However to further exasperate the situation Blogger has now introduced a new interface which again I have resisted until now from using, as it seems even harder to use. Now I have no choice but to use it and it's a nightmare, especially when inserting pictures, because for some reason Blogger automatically rotates some pictures so they are the wrong way round and it's so hard to work out a way to put them right in a post .... as a result a simple post that usually takes 15 to 30 minutes is taking a an awful lot longer, and that is time I don't really have. I shall however persevere and see if what happens in the next few weeks.


lynda said...

So sorry to hear this Helen. I can't really comment much on it other than sympathise with you 'cause I know nothing about Blogger I'm afraid. Hope you haven't lost any of your files etc. Hopefully it will be put right for you soon - don't stress over it lassie! xx


Pamela said...

Nightmare! I'd be lost without my desktop pc. I only use the laptop for the internet everything else is done on the PC. I've used the 'new' blogger since the start but I do know quite a few people who don't like it. Hope you manage to rescue as much as possible from the PC.