Sunday, 13 May 2012

Wooden Flower Pot Tags

Wooden Dominoes from Isreal
The picture/printing quality on these wooden dominoes is distinctly dubious because when I applied double sided tape with my ATG gun the picture immediately lifted on the tape!  I found them on e-bay, the original price was 99p but it said make an offer,  so I offered 50p and the offer was accepted,  postage was £2.42, but all together it was still a lot cheaper than if I had bought them in a shop and had paid my busfare to go and get them …. but I got such a surprise when they arrived as they had been posted in Israel!!  That's a lot of busfare!
Flower Pot & daisy wooden tags
Each domino measures 7.5cm x 3.5cm and are perfect for my ever growing stash of tags.
Flower Pot Wooden TagDaisy Wooden tag
I am trying to make at least one new batch of tags a week, using up as many old embellishments and bits and pieces as I can, then, by November/December I will have several hundred which I then hope to sell at a craft fayre …. I might even buy some brown or other plain paper sheets to sell to go with them  ….. but it’s all a bit pie in the sky at the moment……
Flower Pot Wooden tags 1
I just thought it would be something a bit different amongst all the usual stalls you find at fayres


Merry said...

I think these are lovely and you are being so organised getting ready for the stall now.

tilly said...

love these little flower tags, gosh, you do think ahead! lol

lynda said...

These are lovely Helen and very different being wooden. I reckon they would sell at CRaft FAirs. I sold quite a few vintage/shabby chic tags at a local school craft fair last Christmas. I haven't been able to leave you a comment for a few weeks something wrong with Google account just giving it a try today on my brother's iPAd!!

Lynda x

lynda said...

Well it worked so must be my computer!!

Lynda xx

lynda said...
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Toni said...

Fab idea, they look so effectice.
Toni xx

marc said...

i love them and i think your idea of brown paper and twine would go down well look at making your own bakers twine works out alot cheaper and you can do so many colourers big love Marc