Monday, 4 June 2012

Father’s Day Gift Tags

Father's Day Craft Ideas Gift Tags
The newsagent across the road takes off all the free gifts from all the unsold children's comics and then sells them for 30p each or 4 for £1 and I have found some really brilliant bits and piece for crafting with, because of their size they are perfect.
Father's day Cards
…. and so whenever I see tool sets in his box  I snaffle them up as fast as I can ….. because the first thing that comes into my head are Dads and Father’s Day!
Fathers Day Craft Ideas Tool Gift Tags.
All I have done is cut tag shapes from a fine corrugated Kraft card (I used my last sheet for this idea and now don’t have a clue where I can find any more).
Father's day Craft Ideas Tool Gift Tags
I have stuck the tools down with E600 glue, a glue recommended to me by Marc because it is really strong and can be used with so many materials.
And finally I’ve used my faithful Dymo labeller for the wording. A few silver stars here and there bring everything together.  Done and dusted!


marc said...

great tags love the use of the kids bits and yep i love that glue as its strong dries clear and is flexible great for all things and you only need a tiny tiny amount big love marc

Di said...

Super tags, aw those tools are so cute - and I'll be hunting for that glue as well. Love, Di xx

tilly said...

love these tags, so great for the men, that glue even looks tough in it's pack lol

Sue said...

What a great idea.

lynda said...

Love the Tags Helen! Perfect for Fathers Day. Wish my Newsagent would sell the 'freebies' from the kids' mags!!

Lynda xx

Toni said...

Love these tags and the embellishments. I always struggle with mens cards but these are brill. Thanks also for the glue tip.
Toni xx