Friday, 22 June 2012

Hello Kitty Tags

These tags are made from using children’s wooden dominoes bought in a charity shop and each measure 3.5cms x 7.5cms.
hello Kitty Gift tags.
Some of the Hello Kitty stickers I got in the £1.50 pack bought while on my jollies in Dawlish  were a little too small to put on cards, so rather than leave them to be forgotten at the bottom of a drawer  I thought I would make a few tags to go with the cards I had already made.
Hello Kitty Gift tags
I thought that if people had already bought one of the cards they might also be tempted to buy a gift tag to match!


Bee and Dee said...

Cute tags x

marc said...

great idiea i like the fact you have used up the little bits to make fab things big love marc

Suze Bain said...

Lovely little tags. xx

Toni said...

Like these too. If I'd seen these stickers, I would never have thought about using them like this. Thanks again for inspiration for possible future projects. So much to do, so little time, comes to mind.
Toni xx

Dianne said...

Each is a really adorable little vignette....perfect as a gift embellishment...or tag on a party favor...could be used in endless ways.. Dianne

Di said...

So cute Helen! :) Di xx