Sunday, 17 June 2012

I forgot to say .......... Torbay Lifeboat Station Brixham

...... We asked for any donations to go to Torbay/Brixham RNLI, Andy loved the sea and most of you will have read the very happy adventures that The Monkeys, Andy, Lucy and I had at Cockle Cottage in Brixham last year.  Each day we would pass the RNLI stall outside the lifeboat station on our way to the beach (or pub at night) and Andy would oft dip into his pocket money there!  He never wanted much but one day he told me that he had seen the perfect bag for work ...... an RNLI shopper!!  So my purse was out and Andy was so chuffed, even though I teased him that he would look like Roy Cropper from Coronation Street going off to work!!  Happy Days!!

Any way .... while we were making arrangements for Andy Tom (our son) phoned the RLNI to find out what the procedure for making donations was as we planned to take Andy's ashes to scatter in his favourite fishing spot when we were ready.  They couldn't have been lovelier ..... and said that if we let them know when we were coming they would arrange for us to meet the Brixham crew and if we wanted they would take Andy's ashes out to sea and scatter them as we watched from the shore ..... how brilliant is that???  Andy would be so chuffed as he always wanted to go in one of their boats! We think we will taking about £600 plus down to them  .... so Andy, you done good!!


marc said...

Helen thats the cream on the cake so to speak a perfect way to say the last goodbye and as you said its so him again you have got it so right big love marc and co
we did smile about the bag every time i see one of those i will think of Andy big love xxxx

Sue said...

Well a perfect send off your Andy.