Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Musical Gift Card

Sometimes charms are beautiful but as they are also often quite small I find it hard to know where and how to place them for the best effect.
Bird cage card
However when I bought a pack of 20 Docrafts Papermania 3ins x 3ins cards and envelopes a while ago I knew that they would be perfect to use with the charms to make small gift cards.
PMA 151000
Simply mat and layered on paper from an old music book and gold mirror card plus a bit of faux stitching (though looking at the picture now I don’t really think it needs it) Bob’s your Aunt Fanny!


Di said...

Really delightful Helen - and I love your faux stitching. Poor old Bob though :( Hugs, Di xx

SueF said...

Brilliant idea - and a fabulous card.

Bob does sound a tad confused :-)


lonidan said...

I love little cards like this. Just nice for a small note with a pressie. The less we talk about Bobs confusion the better i think !! Louise xx

tilly said...

what a sweet little gift card, the charm is just right

Toni said...

I sometimes wonder whether 3 x 3 cards are too small but I bought some the other day and this is a lovely way to decorate them.
Toni xx

Dianne said...

I truly dearly LOVE this card and find it to be so very beautiful...very special and the embellishment and music design seem made for each other, almost lyrical....speaking from my very fortunate experience, I Adore this, one of my all time favourite cards EVER...it's really sublime...Dianne

marc said...

love the card and bobs my aunty fanny or am i bob or just aunty fanny now whos confused lol big love bob fanny marc