Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Tom’s Scrapbook

Its nice weather for ducks
I've featured the scrapbook I made for my daughter a while back, today I thought I would show you the scrapbook I put together for my son, who's 29 now and will probably never forgive me for putting this in the public domain!


Scrapbooking isn’t really my thing, layouts are well out of my comfort zone, a bit like Tim Holtz stuff, but perhaps, when I have a bit of time, I might set myself a new scrapbook challenge.
 I think my problem is I don't get into the theme enough and so the layouts are very basic and flat.

In the jaw of jaws
But having watched quite a few QVC craft days I should have a bit more idea by now.
Top Hat and Tails
Perhaps it's a medium where I need to forget my rule of less is more. By the way, thats me as bridesmaid above, I had to wait till I was thirty for the honour, and then ended up with  my head chopped off in the photo!

Washing the Car


Di said...

Fabulous Helen - some very precious photos there. I love the way you've done the layouts, with humour and not detracting from the photos themselves.

Hugs, Di xx

Sue said...

As with most crafting people get their own style. It's lovely to see a page that is full of embellishments, but not everyone likies it or can afford all the crafting stash. I tend to put more than one photo on my 12x12pages, as I just can't afford to keep it to one photo.

I think your LOs are lovely.

Suze Bain said...

Super pages Helen and at least you've made a start! Xx

debby4000 said...

Love your layouts and in my opinion scrapbook is a personal thing and if you love the pages you've made then that is what its about.
I love that your pages don't overshadow the photos because its the photos and memories that are most important.
Off my soapbox now.

tilly said...

I enjoyed these pages and after all, it is personal preference, but I like the way the pics take the stage

marc said...

great pages you should use your serif craft artist that way you have not commeited to any thing you can do a lay out digitli and if you like it you can hybrid the page its a great way to start think of the page as one of your newspapercards they would work so well as scrappages as thats what they are and you should scrap your own life first as the kids no there stories but seldom know yours big love marc

lonidan said...

As other people have said scrapbooking is a very personal choice and i love your layouts. Keeping the photo as the central point. louise xx

Dianne said...

What a wonderful book of treasured memories.....bound to bring lots of OHHHs and AAWWWWs to all who see those adorable pictures....you must have many happy special memories each time you see them...Dianne