Saturday, 4 August 2012

Bind It All Birthday Book

Birthday Book

I don’t make many of these little Bind It All books because they make me use an awful lot of brain power plus a lot of time to put together, this one over six hours, not including a box.
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However this was for a very special friend of my sister and so it was a pleasure.  A book usually starts off with a long list of things about the person …so that I have plenty of scope and themes to work on  (though I don’t use everything) and, if I am lucky, a few pictures too.
Bind It All Birthday Book

I think of it as a bit like writing a story and gradually it all comes together.
Bind It All Birthday Book 1

….. and I try make it as funny as I can …. it can be a bit tricky, but as I have met Chris myself this was a doddle as she has a very similar sense of humour to me…… daft!
Bind It All Birthday Book 2

I’ll let the rest of the pictures tell the story …….
Bind It All Birthday Book 3

Bind It All Birthday Book 4

Birthday Bind It All Book

Bind It All Birthday Book 5

Bind It All Birthday Book 6

Bind It All Birthday Book 7

Birthday Bind It All Book

I tell you what,  my brain really ached when I had finished!
Bind It All Birthday Book 8


Sue said...


lonidan said...

What a wonderful book. So full of fun. Louise xx

Sheila said...

Brilliant! What a fab book to receive!
Sheila xx

Paula said...

I love your albums Helen, but know what you mean. I was asked to make a hen party album (can't remember if I sent you photos?) but I stressed so much about getting it right. They do take time, but the outcome is stunning. You should be pleased with yourself on that, it's amazing! I'd love to get something like that. x

tilly said...

what a stunning keepsake, you have done a wonderful job

callmemadam said...

How fabulous! your friend will be delighted with it - I love the humerous elements!

Dianne said...

This will bring happiness and laughs over and over....a real keepsake just know all that hard work will bring so much enjoyment!..such a personal gift is priceless.....Dianne

marc said...

a great keepsake you have done her proud fab and so worth doing when you see the joy such things can bring fab big love marc

Roni said...

Helen, she will love, so thoughtful and I'm sure she'll have a right old giggle!!

Big hugs
Roni :O) xox