Friday, 17 August 2012

Christmas Snowflake Microscope Slide Decoration

Microscope Slide Christmas decoration
This decoration follows on from yesterdays post, made in exactly the same way, with the same papers etc. but using microscope slides sent to me by Marc which measure 8cm x 2.5cm.
Microscope Slide Christmas Snowflake decoration
It is double sided so that there is no back or front view.


marc said...

this is a better size to work with for decs ect and microscop slides work out so cheap when you buy a box then just get copper tape used for electrics look on ebay
glue your bails on useing my fave E6000 glue and dont forget these are not just for christmas think steampunk with old images in and cogs ect wounderful make big love marc sorry about spelling but i dont have spell check working and i am dyslexi so have lots of problems the good thing is now days i ant just thick lol big love marc

Dianne said...

This is a very elegant look and definitely not just for Christmas! Perfectly balanced design...Dianne