Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Punched Art Penguin/Elizabeth Shaw Mint Novelty …..

Now …. I am being very lazy here, trying to save time by being economical with words and typing, but hope you can still get the gist of how I have put this paper punched penguin together …..
Punched Art penguin.
These are the three punches I used ….
Stampin' Up Circle Punches
….. and these are the punched parts I have used to put “Percy” together …… not a lot to him really!
Punched Art Penguin
I’ve just popped him on a makeshift background to show how he would look on a Christmas card…. but you know what I am going to say next …… he would make an excellent embellishment for an Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisp….
Elizabeth Shaw Mint Penguin
……… by just adding a matching plain black circle on the back!
Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisp penguin


marc said...

we should make a list of all the things you have done or can do with those mints its halloween soon we need bats monsters ect lol fab make big love marc

Di said...

Wonderful Helen! Sooo cute and perfect for Christmas.

Did I ever tell you I still have RSI from making 440 double sided, two layer ES mints using SU punches last year for dinner dance table favours? All your fault of course :)

Hugs. Di xx

Circle said...

This is just fab Helen, it's so wonderful to see inspiration using simple shapes!

Dianne said...

Percy's a penguin who would be a charmer on a mint or anywhere very cute and endless possibilities....Dianne