Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Punched Art Christmas Rockin Robin/Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crip Novelty

Punched Art Christmas Robin
I am being very lazy again, using more pictures than words for this post,  but hope you can still get the gist of how I have put this paper punched Christmas robin together …..
Stampin' Up Circle Punch
These are the two punches I used ….
Punched Art Christmas Robin
….. and these are the punched parts I have used to put “Robin” together …… not a lot to him really!
In the top picture I’ve just popped him on a makeshift background to show how he would look on a Christmas card…. but  he would make an excellent embellishment for an Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisp…. ……… by just adding a matching plain brown circle on the back!


lonidan said...

Lovely, lovely. Just in time for the start of christmas craft fairs. Thanks Helen. Louise xx

Dianne said...

Love this fun little red robin! works perfectly so many ways and robins are always a Christmas favourite...Dianne