Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Wellington Papercraft Range

Two more cards using toppers made from the Wellington A4 die cut decoupage 2 pack – Time Out from which you can make four cards.
Docrafts Wellington
If I was really being persnickety, I wish there was a little more background to each of the decoupage toppers, which I made up before I had really planned what I was going to do with them …. I used everything up on the sheet …. but something seems to be missing. I know I could have bought the The Wellington paper pads but they just didn't appeal. 
Wellington A4 Decoupage Docrafts
….. Without a little more background image, for me, the toppers appeared to be look alone surrounded by a white space, which I felt needed to be filled and as a result I may have over egged the pudding, if that makes sense?


Dianne said...

The white background is kind of stark compared to the soft tones of the toppers...perhaps it would have been better if they used a soft cream or very soft blue background...but they are still very attractive with those lovely images....Dianne

marc said...

great cards cream would work but if ever you get a space do 3 little dots close together and randomly space them in the white or blank area your eye will be drawn to them and they will fill up the space like a backing paper you know the dots i mean helen think art attack when you want to draw attetion to something big love marc

Dianne said...

Marc's suggestion would be a solution that would work so well as a background in many situations ...Dianne

regency jean said...

The dots idea is a good one, or using a small stamp come to think of it ! Now I know why I love your blog. I thought my husband was the only one to say 'over egging the pudding', how wrong was I!!