Thursday, 8 November 2012

My Trip To London …..

Where do I start … it was just too WONDERFUL!
London Street ArtMarc is such an inspiration not only creatively but also as a person.  I was very, very spoilt, my suitcase was bulging when I left, and I was very pampered with lovely food, the most gorgeous bedroom and the company of three beautiful Bassett Hounds. ….. I can safely say that Lottie and I bonded!
109Unfortunately, for Marc, he soon discovered I have a propensity for tea leafing things, not deliberately with the intention to steal …. I just sort of aquire things by picking them up … for example:- on the underground I discovered that I was wearing his partner Rick's  specs and in the morning after going out for a meal I found Marc’s VERY expensive pin in my rucksack!!!!  He also found that I also liked to make little piles of “stuff” all around the flat …. a bit like a establishing my territory! I must have been a nightmare guest!
London Street Art.We talked constantly …. about everything, but crafting was always lurking there in the background.
Foil ItThe first thing we “played” with was Marc’s A3 Foil It machine, he’d had it for quite a while but this was the first time he had used it …..
Foil It LaminatorAll I can say is OMG, OMG, OMG .......
Foil ItI always thought foiling was soooooo complicated, but all you have to do is print whatever it is you want to foil, e.g a card verse, on a copier or laser jet printer and then pass it through the Foil It machine with a piece of special foil over it (just like a laminator) and then Bob’s your Aunt Fanny!!
Foil It FishThe foils come in all sorts of colours and finishes and I was unashamedly hooked …. already thinking about my son’s wedding invitations …And now I have a confession to make to Marc after he offered to lend this wondrous machine to me, I knew that if he did he would never get it back  ….. so as soon as I got home, before I had even unpacked, I was online buying the smaller A4 version, (because I thought I would be able to take it to work on the bus and use it on certificates and stuff!!!) I have so many ideas …… and Marc was well and truly the hero of the day re: my mojo!!
013Marc also showered me with a huge box of wooden embellishments from a company Crafty-Emblies who he has been raving about for ages, they are stunning, and I think you will be seeing a lot of them in the coming months.  It’s really worth having a look at their website at the range of really unusual embellishments and boxes and you wont believe the prices!
014I love the large mdf folder above so much.  Amongst all the goodies was a wooden train with twenty five carriages ….. Marc had an Advent train in mind when he ordered it  … I don’t think I have enough time to do it for this year but I can see it becoming a labour of love for next year.
dscf9032   dscf9034
Marc makes the most exquisite pins ….
corsage pins….. and he showed me his mahoooosive collection of beads and showed me how to make the pins …. oh my life they are stunning!
Marcs BeadsThis is a box Marc made covering it first with microbeads ….
Marcs Box…and then adding other beads and 3D paint liners.
Marc's Box..My pictures just do not do it justice …. and the work involved ….. wow!Jewelled CrossAnd as for this cross!
I owe Marc so much, when I went to bed I made endless notes in the little book I took with me ….. I was so inspired and fired up with so many ideas, my mojo is back thanks to him! ….. Marc is the most incredible sharing and generous person I have ever met, he has so much talent but he is so quiet and modest about the incredible things he has done …… I am so lucky to be able to call him a friend and I cherish every text, e-mail, phone call and meeting we exchange. All being well I will see him again in January …. and hopefully I will be able to repay his kindness by one day having him and Rick stay with me.
Tomorrow my first make inspired by my visit …….
Foil It & Foils


Di said...

How fabulous Helen - you obviously had a wonderful time and Marc and Rick were perfect hosts indeed. Love the foiling machine but it's Marc's box that steals the show today (and those gorgeous pins and the cross). He's so talented! He's one very special friend indeed - even if he had to frisk you before you headed back home (knowing you, there could have even been a beagle in your rucksack!!). Take care and I can't wait to see what tomorrow's post will be, hugs, Di xx

MagicalJane said...

An advent train ... ooh, can`t wait to see that unfold. Anyway, sorry, couldn`t figure out how to find an email or private message to you ... just wanted to let you know that you rub off (in good ways!) on others that you aren`t even aware of. I love the things that you come up with and reading your blog. I mentioned you in a blog post today -

Don`t worry about committing to a schedule, create and blog as and when - we`re always delighted to see what you`ve come up with, and I would sure miss your updates. Good thoughts come your way from all sorts of places - like Canada.

misteejay said...

It is so lovely to feel the excitement in this post. Sounds like Marc really has rekindled your creativity.

Toni xx

Sue said...

WOW! So glad you and Marc had such a good time.

What fab projects.

ElaineC said...

Hello Helen. So very glad that 'Monsieur Mojo' is returning.
Think of him as a child - give him the freedom too spread his wings and he will return to willingly.
I love the wooden shapes. Thank you for introducing us all to them and thank Marc too.
A very special person. I have a HUGE order on its way!
Take care and, above all, LOVE your crafting.
Let its therapy wash over and protect you.
Kindest wishes Elaine xx

Pamela said...

Well done Marc! I knew a few days with you would work wonders!
My favourite items have to be the hat oins as I too make them - Marc's are stunning.

Cheryl W. said...

Wow! What a wonderful trip. And it's so good to "hear" the excitement in your voice again. Happy crafting!!!!

Unknown said...

So glad youve got your mojo back! So looking forward to your new projects, you are so inspiring. Also thank you to you and Marc i am now going to go and have a massive spreet at crafty-emblies.. i love it.. and its sooooo cheap! x

marc said...

You make me blush lol you were the perfect guest and my girls loved you lotty would have gone home with youif she could lol and i did smile with the piles of bits and wearing ricks glasses but also rick puting things in your bag so you would think you lost the plot but my fav was seeing you come to life when we made things or just talked about what could be done your a inspiration and i loved you visiting it was just sad you had to go home but there is always jan big love marc

Dianne said...

Marc is the best inspiration starter ever! That foil machine would be addicting; such wonderful results...Marc's work is always beautiful and exactly just right...Marc and Rick are jewels themselves!...Lotty is a beautiful girl...what an unforgettable time and lovely to know they will continue....what a great train; would work year round for many occasions...Dianne