Tuesday, 20 November 2012

National VELCRO® Month –Top Fiddle Fart Tips 11

Sometimes I like to give someone a very small package containing an equally small gift as, what my Mother In Law used to call a “fairing gift”….. something like a charm, a single sweet, or a tiny embellishment, that sort of thing…
Velcro National Velcro Month…. And for that purpose I have a box full of tiny papier mache boxes that I usually colour and decorate with Promaker pens.
Super slim Stick on Velcro Velcro MonthBundling up several of these boxes together has always been is a complete nightmare in the past, as they always seem to come askew, but by using a VELCRO® Super Slim Stick On it’s a piece of cake. with the extra bonus of the self adhesive pads being so so slim you can’t see them and once the string has been taken off the boxes they still stay together and all the tiny contents are relatively safe.
2012 National VELCRO MOnth NovemberA tiny parcel done and dusted!

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tilly said...

love your decorating on the little boxes, more fab idea's her for velcro!