Saturday, 10 November 2012

National VELCRO® Month –Top Tips & Ideas from Fiddle Fart Readers ……No. 1

Thank you Bitter_Angel for these two brilliant ideas ……
National Velcro Month
Bitter_Angel’s blogs:-
I cannot thank Kim enough for helping me out by being the first reader to submit her TOP TIPS for using VELCRO® , I really hope it will be the start of getting a huge creative VELCRO® ball rolling, and in doing so she also added an extra element to this ‘crafty adventure’ that I hadn’t anticipated….. by including links to contributors we will all get the extra bonus  of having good old nosey into the craftiness of others and/or their lives,  gaining an insight into some of the people who belong to the “Fiddle Fart Community”.   When I started to read Kim’s blog I felt very, very humble, but  I won’t say any more ……. I’ll just let you find out why for yourself.
I hope this is the first of many, many posts for the month of November …. I hate having blank pages on the blog  ….. and this could really help to fill them.  THANK YOU.

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Cheryl W. said...

I love Bitter Angel's idea! I'm definitely going to try it. I'm also think that sticky-backed velcro would be great on the dash of a car with the other piece attached to the back of a small notepad. That way, you can keep notes in view, without having to hold onto them. So good to be reading regular posts from you again. The crafting world NEEDS you, Helen! Hugs.