Wednesday, 14 November 2012

National VELCRO® Month–Top Fiddle Fart Tips No. 5

Marc sent me this little concertina wallet a while back ….
Velcro Stick on Dots National Velcro Month …. and you can see that he has used VELCRO® adhesive dots for the fastener.
Stick on VelcroVELCRO®TASTIC!

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Toni said...

Hello Helen, feeling really guilty at the moment.I haven't been looking at your blog on a daily basis because I thought you weren't posting. How surprised was I to see when I logged on tonight that I had missed a few posts. Well done you, so glad to see that maybe a bit of your 'mojo' is coming back and good to hear from you again. Velcro tips are brill.
Toni xx