Sunday, 25 November 2012

National VELCRO® Month–Top Fiddle Fart Tips 16

I’ve had these magnet test tubes for single stem artificial flowers ages, but they had a small magnet attached so I couldn’t put them on my computer as I had hoped as magnets really really bad for computers,
Velcro Stick On National Velcro Month…. but I got to thinking that I could attach them now using the VELCRO® Stick On from my VELCRO® pack of goodies!
National Velcro MonthOnce the flowers are in you shouldn’t be able to see the VELCRO® strips, and perhaps …… with Advent almost upon us I should find some festive foliage to put in them to add a little festive spirit to my desk and office!!!!!!!  Ho, Ho, Ho!

National Velcro Month

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