Friday, 23 November 2012

Two Wooden Christmas Tags

The base of these tags have been made using children’s wooden dominoes with the holes being made using a PowerCraft hobby drill.
Christmas Tree Tag
The Christmas trees and Santa’s on these tags were prised off pegs from a Christmas card hanger set from a poundshop. It was cheaper to buy them in this way, than to buy a packet of wooden tree embellishments from a “proper” craft shop.  I got about 20 trees and Santa's, plus the pegs they came off  which can also be used for something else, bargaintastic!
Ho Ho Ho Wooden santa tag
A few scraps of paper, flat backed gems and a handwritten sentiment and they are done and dusted!  Ho, Ho, Ho indeed!


tilly said...

Helen, I would live to go shopping with you, I never SEE things the way you do and find lots of bargins lol.... fab tags

Sue said...


Pamela said...

These tags are great - but then I think the majority of you stuff is amazing!
Just had a thought re your 'missing files' message at the top of the page. Followers may have these files saved from when you sent them to them. Perhaps some kindly followers would email them back to you?

Cheryl W. said...

Love these!

Toni said...

I really like these Helen. I wish I had your 'highly inspirational' mind with me when I'm sitting staring into space waiting for ideas to land in front of me !!!!!
Toni xx

ElaineC said...

Hi Helen. Methinks the MoJo is coming back!! I had the same thought as Pamela re your lost 'stuff' Perhaps you could put out a request as part of the blog as sometimes we don't have time to read all the comments? Keeeeep crafting! Luv Elaine xx