Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas Snowflake Penny Bags

These are the other “Penny Bags” I made for the school Choir …. again using Christmas tree decorations from Poundland, bought for half price, working at 5p each I think.
Snowflake Penny BagWhenever I go shopping and see a “bargain” or a something that’s bit different, I will always stand a while and think about “what else” I can do with it. By just adding a little extra sparkle, no matter how simple, something ordinary can be turned into something that looks extra special.


SueF said...

Another brilliant idea Helen - love those snowflakes


Dianne said...

Sparkly silver snowflakes! so very effective and pretty......Dianne

marc said...

they work so well i just got a little bag from harrods from a friend these are ten x better and they paid £11 for it big love marc