Sunday, 9 December 2012

Snowflake Card

This card measures 5ins x 5ins
Snowflake Christmas CardHmmmm ….  I am not really sure about this card …. I wanted to try using a colour not usually associated with Christmas but I don’t think I have pulled it off.
Snowflake Christmas CardI’ve used four cream coloured felt Christmas tree embellishments to make up the snowflake with a clear flat backed gem in the middle ….. but I’m afraid it’s destined to be returned to the drawing board ….. I was trying to be clever, but realise now that it would look much better on a blue card, with silver mat and layering.


Cheryl W. said...

Well, I think it was creative genius to use those little tree embellishments to form a snowflake. I know I would've never thought of that! And even though you think you need to go back to the drawing board, I'd be pleased as punch to get a pretty card like that!

marc said...

I am with Cheryl but may be its the gems with the gold mount change the gold to white ,silver or red and i think you will like it ,love the snowflake and gems and kraft card i have done lots of kraft card with red and white this year great minds big love marc

Toni said...

Lovely idea Helen. I actually like the colours but can understand the need to redesign if you don't. Still a very clever idea though.
Toni xx

tilly said...

It would never had hit me with a sledge hammer to use christmas trees like this lol.....I think the colour is personal choice

tilly said...

although the posts to your next two cards are not showing,...... I think they are great... Thanks Marc for giving Helen the push she needs to doodle great cards lol
Tilly x