Friday, 17 February 2012

My Little Compendium Of Curiosities

Remember the box that my wooden hearts came in?  Well, I couldn’t resist fiddle farting with it …… and had soooooo much fun!
What not curiosity box
The box measures 4ins x 4ins and each compartment measures 1.25ins x 1.25ins. 
little what not shelves
I lined each one with a small scrap from my Papermania Portobello Road paper pad and then the excitement of finding tiny treasures to fill them began.
little box of curiosities
I wanted to make it as 3D as possible, so some of the bits are stuck on several layers of foam pads, like the birdcage, boat and gingerbread man.
what not box
I love the sweet jars best, followed by the fish bowl, again on foam pads so it stands proud of the home sweet home sign.
Tiny shelves of curiosity
I am not sure if you can buy boxes like this on their own, because if they did I would buy them buy the crate …. as making something like this is my idea of crafting heaven!
If you know where I could get some more, without buying a whole pile of embellishments PLEASE let me know, I have lots more little bits I am desperate to house.


Bitter_Angel said...

You could use a box frame, which I saw for a good price in the range last week. Then, perhaps using either card or perhaps balsa wood from a model or craft shop, add your own shelves in. The bonus of using a box frame, is that everything would be behind glass when displayed, so less time on dusting.

Peonies and Pennies said...

Love the little sweet jars. How about thimble shelves? Although the holes might be a bit too small!

Ali said...

That looks fab xx

marc said...

love the fact you have used packaging and up cycled it my i love them all but i do love the little dog amazing what you can make out of a few bits if you want to keep the dust out make a frame of choice use your diy cutter out of card / chipboard and acetate attach with double sided tape easy to remove if you ever want to change it you could dec it in ant style you like you have a real good eye big love Marc

Suze Bain said...

Looks fab, my favourite is the sweetie shop.xx

Ali M said...

wow..this is lovely !!!I keep looking at it and finding something new !Have you seen this lovely creation?maybe you could adapt it slightly and make your own 'shelves'..?

tilly said...

loving those little sweet jars and the scissors, a great project

Sadie said...

Ask in your local craft shop, I work in one and we end up with loads of these after we sell all the wooden bits.

Kitty Kats Krafts said...


Love this, such a lovely idea and you must have so much patience to sit and fiddle with those little squares!

I am sure I have put a couple of those trays in my garage ready to the charity shop, so will be happy to recover and send to you if you would like a couple more?

email me on


Sam x