Sunday, 29 April 2012

Diamond Jubilee Crafts–Elizabeth Shaw Chocolate Soldier

Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisp Soldier favour
This is a Queen’s Soldier chocolate I came up with.
Chocolate Soldier favour Elizabeth Shaw Mints
Made from parts of circles using my Stampin’Up 1 3/4” circle punch …..
Elizabeth Shaw Mints
(above back view) ….. some googly eyes and gold peel off outline stickers. 
Elizabeth Shaw Mints Chocolate Soldier…. and a bit of artistic licence!


marc said...

i love these they are fab big love marc

MagsB said...

How utterly cute!! What a great idea - I'm always gobsmacked at how you change ordinary, everyday things into something special!

(Also it's exciting to see Elizabeth Shaw mints all dolled up, as one of my aunties was called Elizabeth Shaw and she always brought 'her' mints whenever she visited! Thank you for reminding me of happy memories!)

love Mags B x

Ferretti said...

Helen you are fab these are really cute. I really look forward to clicking on your site daily as you always have great things for us to make thankyou :)) Donna P

lonidan said...

Absolutely fantastic. Really love these. Louise xx

Carole Z said...

Both a brilliant idea and really really cute!
Carole Z X

Anj said...

v cute :0)

Toni said...

These are just brilliant, need to stock up on the mints now as you have some great ideas how to use them.
Toni xx

Suze Bain said...

These are fab! xx

Paula said...

One word, excellent! Wonderful idea x

Bumblebee said...

how do you think of these things?! absolutely fantastic!!!