Saturday, 5 January 2013

FiddleFart Top Tip Look Out For Reduced Chocolate Coins ….

Chocolate Money favor FavourI am buying up all the good quality chocolate coins I find reduced in the shops at the moment …. these bags cost me 25p each from the Co-Op and contain either 90g of white or milk chocolate …. with a best before date for the end of August 2013.  I bought 8 bags for just £2 and have managed to make 37 “Start of the New Term” favours with them (sorry, you’ll have to wait ‘till next week for me to post them) … but I have a couple of other ideas up my sleeve on how to use them ….. so watch this space!


Claire said...

This is a fab idea Helen. Sadly for me, my local supermarkets never bother to restock their chocolate coins after the last week before Christmas. However I found a nice bunch of reduced 3d stickers in Poundworld after Christmas.

ali said...

let me know if you want anymore i work at our local coop we have loads left i can get them for you and put in post if you want
regards ali

Anonymous said...

I noticed WHSmiths have got loads of half price coins knocking about too. It was my parents' silver anniversary recently so I put a bunch of silver coins in with their anniversary card. They appreciated it :)