Monday, 18 March 2013

A Very Special Cushion

John Lee Bird CushionThis is a cushion made by the “Artist to the Stars” John Lee Bird depicting Marc and his partner …. it is so special and unique …. and I am quite envious!
Marc has several pictures (not shown in this post)  by John around his flat and I love them all. Some look deceptively simple …..

…… but in others the detail is breath-taking.
john lee bird….. and I feel very honoured, because it’s not everyone’s Monkey (Darrell) who included in a work of art!


Sue said...

Fab cushion, but doesn't Marc have three Bassets?

marc said...

Sue you are right i do have three bassets but john made this just before lotty came in to our lives but he has painted every dog (6 in total) i have ever had apart from one who i need to find a photo of as we did not have him long defore he died of cancer ,MR Bird is a man with many strings to his bow he can paint and do fine art sew dance sing cook and write books in fact i think if he put his mind to it he could fly and to top it all he is a good guy big love marc

Weezy said...

The cushion is absolutely gorgeous, the creativity of some people is just amazing!

Pat said...

I recognize those guys and dogs on that cushion. :) Marc is such a lovely person. :) I thought I would check out your blog as he has told me about your lovely work Mz FiddleFart. ;)