Saturday, 23 March 2013

Guest Crafter–The Equally Lovely Denise And Her Wedding Bracelets

Wedding preparations still continue to gather pace and after consultation with the Bride, the Lovely Laura,  Denise (Laura’s mum) and I said that “we” would make some glass beaded bracelets for wedding favours for the ladies …..
Picture92……  say “we” loosely as it was Laura's mum who did all the hard work stringing all the beads, which we had both collected over the years, I just admired her handy work!!I admit to keeping this one aside for myself ….just look at those cute bugs!  It’s in a child’s size at the moment  but I aim to make it a bit bigger for me using a few extra beads.
Denise managed to use a lot of the lampwork beads I got from WholePort in the bracelets ……
…. and seeing how beautifully they have come out I am glad I kept one string back to use with the other beads that were left over, as I have been inspired to make a few for myself to wear in the coming spring/summer months when I just want to surround myself with colour after this prolonged dull winter…..
The next thing for the “Crafty Wedding Crafters” to work out is what to put each bracelet in ….. I have an idea …. which will probably mean getting my dusty and very under used Silhouette machine out of retirement!


Cheryl W. said...

Amazing work, Helen. They look beautiful!

mumasu said...

They are delightful, and all that work. So brilliant that you are doing it together :)

tilly said...

beautiful colourful bracelets for the wedding of the year lol,can't wait to see what they will nestle in !

Sue said...

Lolving the bracelets and their bright colours.

Dianne said...

They are so gorgeous and beautiful...making bracelets is about the only craft I do!....Dianne

marc said...

those are fab and a great little gift they will love them big love marc