Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter From Me and My Guest Crafter …… My Brother Stephen …….

Easter Egg TreeI had wanted to used a delicate, bare, twiggy branch from which to hang the Decopatch/Poundland eggs I made the other week …… but when I actually went into the garden to look for something suitable there was nothing branchy or twiggy to be found….. but it still looks very pretty ….
Easter gift….. And here is what is now becoming a very regular and much loved feature on Fiddle Fart,  the gift that my brother Stephen brought home for my mum from his care unit …….
022….. some handmade chocolate eggs ….. some decorated with hundreds and thousand sprinkles ……
Happy Easter…… all very beautifully packaged,  the best Easter gift anyone could wish for.  A huge THANK YOU to all Stephen’s carers for all the thought and hard work they put into it and to those who helped put it all together for him,  because we know that all he probably did towards it was watch sitting at the table and hum!


marc said...

love the tree its fab your mums gift is the best easter gift i have seen big love marc

tilly said...

your eggs look fab on your tree........another lovely gift made with love and care from Stephens carers for your Mum
Easter Blessings to you all

Dianne said...

Your Mum must feel the happiness and joy of knowing Stephen was there with kind people helping him create this sweet gift....the tree really does say Springtime....Dianne