Sunday, 14 April 2013

My “Oh Bum” Scrabble Shadow Box

I made my “Oh Bum” shadow box …….
….. after  discovering that I already had the perfect shadow box frame for it squirrelled away in a box at the back of one of my craft room cupboards.
Oh Bum Scrabble letters shadow box
The frame measures just a shade under 4ins x 4ins.  There wasn’t a lot to putting it all together,  it was only centring of the letters that proved to be the fiddliest bit, I must have done it about six times before I was completely happy. 
…. And happy I am,  as it now sits on my desk ….. a reminder for me to refrain from using words of a stronger type nature when really …. “Oh Bum” is amply sufficient!!!!!!


marc said...

fab its so you and fun and word art is very now may be you should make your self a little template with the spacing you like between your letters and keep it with them that way you can save time lol big love marc

Toni said...

Brilliant, love it !!!
Toni xx

Jem said...

Very good Helen, I think "oh bum' covers most all situations.. ;) Janex

Pamela said...

Great idea and something that I'd like on my craft room wall too!

RosieB said...

great idea, think I need one of these for my kitchen! :)